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You may be feeling confused and unsure of what to do. You don't have to face this alone. Life for Kids has professional, compassionate counselors who would love to come alongside you during
this time to help find what's best for you and
your baby.
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Are You Pregnant?

Symptoms of pregnancy
Free pregnancy test

What Are Your Options?

Now that you are pregnant

Choosing Adoption?

Getting information
Decision making
Levels of openness
Meeting the family
Continual counseling
Hospital and delivery planning
Adoption consents
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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Possible symptoms of pregnancy include a missed cycle, feelings of nausea, tiredness, frequent urination, appetite change, and breast enlargement or tenderness.

Free Pregnancy Test

We offer free pharmaceutical grade urine tests that are 99.9% accurate. If your test is positive, we can provide you with a confirmation of your pregnancy and an estimated due date, which is necessary to apply for Medicaid. Please visit or call 407-629-5437 for more information.

Now That You Are Pregnant

Now that you know you are pregnant, there are three options for you - parenting, adoption, or abortion. We understand how overwhelming this can be, but you don't have to face it alone. We offer free, confidential pregnancy support services that include counseling, information regarding your options, and community referrals.

The best way to make a decision is to have information about all of your options. No matter which option you choose, this is a decision that will affect you and your baby for the rest of your lives.


While an abortion may seem like the "quick fix", there is a lot to consider.
What do you know about abortion?

Do you know the risks involved with getting an abortion – physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

What do you know about the stages of development of a fetus?

Did you know that there are different abortion procedures depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy?

The only way to know which procedure would be used is to determine how far along you are. The only accurate way to determine exactly how far along you are in your pregnancy is to have a sonogram. We provide free sonograms. Please call 1-888-629-5437 to schedule your appointment.


In order to make informed decisions about parenting, there are many things that need to be considered, as well. What kind of support do you have?

How involved will the baby's father be?

How will you provide for your baby's financial, physical, and emotional needs?

These along with other considerations can be thought through with one of our counselors.


Our counselors are available to talk with you to provide you with information on adoption and to answer your questions. There are a lot of options within the choice of adoption. We admire your willingness to seek what is best for you and your baby and we would be honored to walk alongside you during this time.

Getting Information

Our professional counselors would love to be able to meet with you to give you information about the adoption process and answer any questions you may have about all of your options.

Our services are free, confidential, and obligation-free. We know this may be the most important and difficult decision you may ever have to make. You don't have to face it alone. Let us help you. Please call 1-888-629-5437 or email [email protected]

Decision Making

We will support you through the decision-making process. We offer free counseling to help you sort out what is best for you and your baby. The decision is yours. Often other people are affected by your pregnancy and the outcome. Your family may have strong feelings about what they think is best. The baby's father may or may not want to be involved. Your friends may have advice for you. It can get very confusing and overwhelming. Ultimately, this is your decision. The role of your counselor is to help your work through these different ideas and to help you develop the best plan for you and your baby.

Levels of Openness

Openness refers to the ongoing relationship that you as a birth parent may choose to have with the adoptive parents your select. There are three levels of openness in adoption – OPEN, SEMI-OPEN, and CLOSED. You get to choose how much or how little contact you desire with the adoptive family of your child. Your adoption counselor will help you understand the levels of openness and which is best for you.

Choosing A Family

YOU choose the family you want to adopt you baby. Your adoption counselor will discuss with you what you are looking for in adoptive parents. You will be shown profiles of different families. These profiles share information with you about each family. Each profile contains pictures, family interests, and a letter written to you. After reviewing the profiles, you select which family you want to become your child's adoptive parents.

All of Life for Kids' families have been approved according to the standards established by the State of Florida and our agency. Each adoptive couple is 25 years of age or older and they have been married for a minimum of three years. Each couple has completed the home study process, which consists of multiple interviews, local, state, and federal background checks, and child abuse clearances. Our families are physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially stable and ready to parent your child. All of our couples are Christian families with strong marriages and are able to provide stable, loving homes. Life for Kids is very selective and fully confident in the families we approve so that you don't have to have any concerns or doubts about your child's well-being.

Meeting the Family

Once you have selected a family, a meeting is arranged, if you decide you want to meet the adoptive family. It is an opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know the family more intimately. This meeting is usually very positive and often emotional. How frequently you meet, where, and when is a part of your individual adoption plan.

Continual Counseling

Your professional Life for Kids counselor will stand with you throughout the entire decision-making process whether you choose adoption or not. She understands how difficult this is and will compassionately listen to your concerns as you work toward making a decision that is right for you and your baby. It is important to talk through the many different questions and concerns you have and the emotions you will feel. Counseling is also helpful for the baby's father and other family members affected by your adoption plan.

Hospital and Delivery Planning

If you choose adoption, your counselor will help you prepare a Hospital and Delivery Plan prior to your hospital stay. This is a great way to help you think through what you want during your time at the hospital. How you spend your time at the hospital is completely up to you. Whether or not to hold the baby, feed the baby and keep the baby in the room with you are all decisions that you make. It will be important to surround yourself with people who recognize your sacrifice and support your decision. Hospital and delivery planning with your counselor helps you feel prepared for your hospital experience.

Adoption Consents

Adoption consents refer to the final paper work you sign at the hospital. Signing the consents for adoption relinquishes your rights to the baby. The consents cannot be signed until 48 hours after the birth of your baby or until you are discharged in writing by your doctor from the hospital. The consents for adoption are valid, binding, and irrevocable upon signing.

Post Adoption Counseling

Life for Kids provides counseling for as long as you need after placement. Your counselor will continue to stand with you and listen to your feelings and concerns She will be with you to help you deal with the loss and sadness you may feel after your adoption plan.


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