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As a licensed non-profit adoption agency, Life
for Kids serves Christian couples called by God
to build their families through adoption. We
believe every child deserves a loving family and forever home. We are honored and humbled to serve you through your adoption journey.

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Considering Adoption?

Considering Adoption
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What are special needs adoptions?
How long does the process take?
What are the different levels of openness in adoption?
What does Life For Kids require in regards to openness?


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Considering Adoption?

The mission of our organization is to minster to the needs of women who are in the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy by offering positive, life-giving alternatives to abortion and to build strong, stable, Christian families.

We have been assisting women in crisis pregnancies since 1984. In April 1992, Life for Kids was licensed by the state of Florida as an adoption agency. Over the past 25 years, Life for Kids has had the privilege of saving many lives and placing hundreds of children with loving, Christian couples. The Life for Kids staff consists of a professional and experienced team that provides Godly counsel and support to adoptive families and birthparents.

Eligibility Requirements

Both husband and wife:
• Must be Christians, having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
Must be members of the same pro-life, evangelical church

Note: Prolife: Believing that unborn children are created in the image of God and that elective abortion, except to save the physical life of the mother, is in violation of the sixth commandment (Exodus 20:13) Evangelical (as defined by Random House Dictionary): Of or in keeping with the Gospel and its teachings; of certain movements that stress the importance of personal experience of guilt for sin and of reconciliation to God through Christ.

• Married a minimum of three years
• Minimum age of 25
• Residents of Florida
• Parental leave of six weeks (minimum) required – we prefer three months
• Financially stable with adequate income to support a child
• Minimum education level: High school diploma
• Must be in good health with normal life expectancies
• Infertility is not required
• No limit on the number of children already in the home

Getting Started

We are excited that you are inquiring about adoption through Life for Kids. The first step toward your adoption journey is to contact Life for Kids to receive an information packet. You may contact us by calling our office at 407-629-5437 or 1-888-629-5437 or by completing the contact form on this page. We will mail you the information packet free of charge.

Adoption Orientation Meeting

After reviewing the information packet, you may call to schedule a private orientation meeting with our Director of Adoptions. We will review the entire adoption process with you, share our mission and purpose, as well as answer all of your questions. There is no fee for this meeting; it is simply an opportunity for you to get to know our ministry as well as for us to be able to meet you personally.

The Home Study

After submitting a preliminary application and being approved, you will begin the home study process. A home study is legally required by the state of Florida for all prospective adoptive parents. This process includes a series of interviews, background screenings, references, adoption education, and at lease one home visit by your adoption case worker. Based on all of the information gathered, your adoption case worker will write your home assessment report.


During the home study process you will complete a Limitations Form. This form indicates your openness regarding various factors relating to prenatal conditions, child's ethnicity, medical background of the child's biological family and openness. The information you indicate will determine which birthmother(s) will view your profile. (See Q&A's "What are the different levels of openness in adoption?")

Your adoption case worker will help you create your family's profile. The profile is comprised of written information about your family, pictures, and a letter you write to the birthmother. Birthmothers are shown profiles of families and she chooses which couple she wants to become her child's adoptive parents. All profiles are completed in the same format, so no prospective adoption couple has an "advantage" over another.

Pre-Placement Meetings

After a birthmother chooses you, a meeting will be arranged for you to meet with her, if she desires. This meeting is facilitated by your adoption case worker and the birthmother's counselor. This is a great opportunity for both you and the birthmother to get to know each other. (See Q&A's "What are the different levels of openness in adoption?")

During this time, you can discuss what the birthmother is wanting regarding her time at the hospital and communication after the adoption. Communication can range from semi-open to open contact, depending on your level of and openness and the birthmother's desires.

Post-Placement Supervision & Finalization

Florida law requires a minimum of 90 days post-placement supervision. Your adoption caseworker makes at lease three post-placement supervisory visits with the couple and the child and then submits a report recommending finalization. The adoption is then finalized in court using an attorney contracted through Life for Kids.

What Are Special Needs Adoptions?

The term "special needs" in adoption refers to children who are deemed by the state of Florida to have special placement needs. These are children with certain medical needs or disabilities, sibling groups, older children, or healthy black and bi-racial infants.

How Long Does The Process Take?

The home study process usually takes three to six months, depending primarily on the promptness with which adoptive couples complete the necessary paperwork. Some enthusiastic couples have completed the process in a couple of months. Others, who take their time in the process, have taken six months or more.

The "waiting time" before a baby is placed depends on a number of factors, including the number of birthmothers who make an adoption plan, the adoptive parent's openness to various backgrounds of birthmothers, the desires for the type of family a birthmother wishes her child to be raised by, etc. More specific details regarding this issue are discussed at the adoption orientation meeting and during the home study process.

What are the different levels of openness in adoption?

There are three types of openness in adoption: Open, Semi-Open, and Closed.

Birthparents choose the adoptive parents
Identifying information is shared
Contact is maintained directly between the birthparents and the adoptive family

Birthparents choose the adoptive parents
Non-identifying information is shared
Contact is maintained through Life for Kids
Pictures and letters are exchanged throughout the years through Life for Kids
Non-identifying continual contact may occur via phone calls, emails, and/or meetings

Birthparents may choose the adoptive parents
There is no ongoing contact or correspondence between adoptive parents and birthparents at the request of the birthparents

What does Life For Kids require in regards to openness?

Life for Kids requires that all adoptive parents be semi-open or open to ongoing contact with birthparents after the adoption. Life for Kids typically does not do closed adoptions unless specifically requested by the birthparents.